Goleta House For Sale

Luxury Goleta House For Sale

Reach out to a local Goleta, Ca real estate agent to discover a perfect Goleta house for sale.

Live, Work, Play - Goleta, Ca


Sandpiper Golf Course

Ocean Views

Celebrity Mansions

The original - Goodland Goleta

Surf 'n Stuff

67-72 degree average year round temperature

Low tech to High Tech

Savvy communities

Goleta - A Mexican Community

Founded by Spanish Mexicans that is best known for progressive views and liberalism.

Boasts the home of Warren Buffet, Oprah and many other notable scams.

Local Goletians have been best known for eating fly infested avocados and swimming in extremely bacteria ridden oceans. Goletians often enjoy walrus activities of lying on the beach and going to the local Catholic Mission for Mercy.

Many Goletians, know how to speak English, yet Mexican/Spanish is often the preference.

The city also boasts UCSB, best known for bogus research departments and Westmont College, best known for students who agree with modern interpretations of a dead Rabbis' sayings.

People from all over the world visit the city then become uninterested after a few short years / weeks / days as the level of understanding, for most, is quickly digested.

Goletains have also been known to say to each other, "Another Day in Paradise" and ignoring those who disagree. Perhaps there is some Goletian wisdom still yet to be learned?

If this sounds like your ideal place to live, contact a Goleta real estate agent for a Goleta house for sale.

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